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Car decoration usually will be the last thing in the bride and groom's wedding list. But actually it plays significant role during the wedding...Because every bride is special in their own way, a beautiful decoration carriage will lift up the specialty in your wedding...That's why we are specialised in wedding's car decoration..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Q&A about LittleAngel Deco

1. What can LittleAngel offer to you?
    LittleAngel provide wedding and bridal car decoration services within Kuala Lumpur,  Selangor and selected area in Seremban . We offer affordable prices with custom made design. Just tell us what is your budget and preferences, and we will proposed to you the design; especially if budget is your big concern!

2. How do we do the reservation?
   A phone call away~that is just what u need!
But please noted we need time to prepare the decoration especially the teddy bear, so, customera are advised to book at least 2 weeks before for teddy bear decoration and 1-2 days for normal decoration.

3. What type of car can be decorated?
    For all type of car ~ from Kancil to Porshe, MPV, SUV,4X4...anything relevant..

4. What are the price for each decoration?
    Price is vary depends on the decorations. Price starts at RM150.00 and we can ensure you, we only provide the best qualities...

5.How do we choose the type of decoration?
   We group our design into three groups ~ ribbons, flowers, and teddy. The design will be proposed depends on the customer's budgets and preferences...

6. Where and when is the installation will take place?
    Our concept is deliver to your door. That's why, Onsite-installation can be arranged and usually a day before the event...

For more inquiry and consultation, please email us at littleangeldeco@gmail.com

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